Practical and Cost-Effective Commercial Litigation
With over 25 years’ experience in securities and commercial litigation, Robert Wisniewski has the requisite experience to provide practical and cost-effective solutions to your business dispute, whether through pre-litigation negotiations or through aggressive litigation: More»


Unpaid Wages<br/>Unpaid Overtime<br/>Tip Violations

Unpaid Wages
Unpaid Overtime
Tip Violations

Wrongful Termination<br/>Discrimination<br/>Retaliation

Wrongful Termination

Sexual Harassment<br/>Hostile Work Environment

Sexual Harassment
Hostile Work Environment

Displacement by H1B Workers<br/>Whistleblower Status

Displacement by H1B Workers
Whistleblower Status




B.H. (Home Attendant)
There were 200 home attendants involved in this case but we were the ones who started it. We were battling a corrupt adversary, a lot of us had to give kickbacks to keep our jobs. The case lasted a very long time, but finally it was successfully resolved. Robert Wisniewski is a very good lawyer. He's well-spoken and very helpful and can also give advice about matters not related to this case. He's smart, funny, and accessible and knows the law very well. He fights for us! He is our lawyer!

Z.B. (Construction Worker)
I was referred by a friend who had a case with Robert Wisniewski and everything went perfectly for him. Initially, it wasn't enough for me that Robert Wisniewski was recommended by a friend because the lawsuit was not only about the money but, regardless of my legal status in the country at the time, I wanted to feel respected and appreciated for the hard work I did for the company. So I came to Mr. Wisniewski’s office and spoke with him twice and got the feeling that he was a very competent and intelligent person who would represent me exactly how I wanted to be represented. The office staff made me welcome, too. I didn't feel like I was a stranger. The case ended with a beautiful result. I got what I wanted. I was amazed by what Robert Wisniewski achieved for me!

VJ (Demolition Laborer)
I was part of a class action lawsuit and the case was a learning experience for me. The company owed its workers a lot of money for prevailing wages. There were a lot of interesting things involved. He definitely knows what he is doing. Robert Wisniewski was very informative. His knowledge was on point and he didn't hold anything back. We communicated well with Robert Wisniewski and it was easy to talk to him. The company fought us hard but he kept our hopes up for the 3 years that the case lasted. Thanks to Mr. Wiesniewski we came out on top and won the case. It was a beautiful feeling when we won—a beautiful thing.

W.S. (Restaurant Worker)
Robert Wisniewski believed in my case from the start. He was accessible. His entire office was welcoming, his secretary and assistant always took good care of us. I was part of a class action case against a fancy New York restaurant. I'm happy with the settlement he reached for us as it was fair. He always put all the cards on the table, and the final decision was ours. He'd consult us, but in the end it was only our decision to make. He was our lawyer but he treated us as friends. I hope I'm never involved in another lawsuit, but if I ever should need a lawyer it will always be Robert.

P.N. (Building Maintenance Worker)
I heard about Robert Wisniewski from a friend who joined a class action case in 2003. In September 2009 a group of us got a settlement from our company, too. I was very happy with the result. Robert Wisniewski handled the lawsuit very well. From the beginning we were sure we'd win the case. He was very firm and determined. This is how lawyers should handle their cases. Robert Wisniewski is an exemplary lawyer. All of the office staff welcomed us and they were friendly and very nice. The best testimony is the fact that the case was successfully finished 2 years ago and we are still friends with him. He is a very good lawyer and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone.

L.C. (Limousine Driver)
Robert Wisniewski helped me and other drivers with a dispute with our limousine company. We had a successful result and we are all pleased. He is a very cordial and professional person. Because of his extensive experience, I am now using his services for an other case.

A.G. (Restaurant Worker)
I was underpaid wages and shorted on tips by my restaurant and came to Robert Wisniewski's office to seek his help. He's a very approachable and trustworthy lawyer. He always had my and my co-workers’ best interests in mind and never did anything that was not beneficial for us. He really listened to us. He heard our needs. I didn't feel like one of his many clients but it seemed like we were his only case. He listened to us and he was always reachable. It was never a problem to get through to him or his staff. I felt very secure. I am extremely happy with Robert's work. He has done a tremendous job. I would recommend him to other people. Always!


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