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Unpaid Wages
Unpaid Overtime
Tip Violations

Wrongful Termination<br/>Discrimination<br/>Retaliation

Wrongful Termination

Sexual Harassment<br/>Hostile Work Environment

Sexual Harassment
Hostile Work Environment

Displacement by H1B Workers<br/>Whistleblower Status

Displacement by H1B Workers
Whistleblower Status




Wrongful Termination / Failure to Hire or Promote / Whistleblower Lawsuits


Wrongful Termination/Failure to Hire or Promote

If you were terminated by your employer (or were not hired or promoted), you may have been terminated (or not hired or promoted) for a wrongful reason, which may entitle you either to money damages or to be reinstated with back pay. Generally, in New York, New Jersey and a vast majority of other states a private employer can terminate you for any reason or for no reason at all. However, your employer may not terminate you, refuse to hire or promote you, for certain discrete reasons specified in federal and state law, such as:

  • you are of a certain race, national origin, gender (man, woman, LGBT)
  • you practice a certain religion
  • you are over forty (40) years old and your replacement is much younger
  • you speak English with an accent
  • you became pregnant and told the employer or the employer noticed your pregnancy
  • you complained about discrimination or the hostile work environment which you or your co-workers experienced
  • you complained about not being paid properly or about certain deductions from your paycheck
  • you filed a discrimination complaint or testified on behalf of a co-worker who alleged discrimination in a court or administrative proceeding